•  RVM Voice Drops must be scheduled no less than 24 business hours in advance.
  •  RVM Voice Drops will be set up to your specifications, but due to the immediate nature of the return calls we DO NOT launch the drops for you. We turn the completed set up back to you to confirm accuracy and “activate” at the precise time you want the drops delivered to ensure that you/your client is prepared to answer the calls back.
  •  RVM Voice Drops can be scheduled for any time in advance because we do not set the delivery date, delivery is a manual process done by the end user (you/your client)
  •  Our DFY Fulfillment team will complete the Voice Drops RVM set up and send you a confirmation via emailed ticket from help@getsupport.biz
  •  If our team needs any additional information you will be contacted directly at the number and/or email you provide on the order form below.

 IMPORTANT: You MUST activate your RVM from your software account to initiate drops after the set up is complete.

Once initiated RVM drops drive practically instant call backs. To ensure that you are available and ready to take calls immediately RVM drops are NOT run automatically at a pre-scheduled delivery time. 

Once your drop is set up you will receive a confirmation from our fulfillment team with instructions on how to activate your RVM Drop and start taking calls.

When you are ready to deliver the RVM Voice Drops to your contact list please follow these instructions:

• Log into portal.voicedrops.net
• Click Configure (left sidebar)
• Click RinglessVM (left side bar, appears after you click Configure)
• Double Click on the campaign you want to run
• Set the start and end date to TODAY’S DATE
• Change the status of the campaign from “PAUSED” to “ACTIVE
• Save your changes.