To ensure the quality and timely delivery of DFY lists to all our members we ask that you limit your requests to 5 Done For You Lists per day. If you need more lists immediately please use the Fresh Lead Extractor tool or contact support at www.GetSupport.biz

  •  Make sure you have adequate funds in your Voice Drops Messenger account
  •  Text Drops lists will be attempted in full, in one session, and will drop all available numbers so long as there are funds in your account
  •  You will not be automatically billed for additional funds
  •  A Voice Drops Messenger Tracking Number is required to send a text drop. Please create a Tracking Campaign or use an existing Campaign number for your Text Drop Request. The recipient of the text drop is able to call you back at the number the text comes from.

MAX: 200 Text Drops Per Tracking Number Per Day 
Please submit a list with no more than 200 leads. Lists larger than this will be returned to you – undelivered.